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The following are comments of clients that have received help from Form Elements regarding a custom program of various sizes ranging from a few days to several months in development length, also included are comments from some FEU users.

"I can't thank you enough for designing a program that I was able to use in conjunction with Bet Selector that is not only more accurate than the method I was using, but has saved me countless hours of my own time. While the solution to my problem might have been simple for yourself, there's no way known would I have been able to undertake this task myself given my limited computer knowledge. You went out of your way to help me, and this has been much appreciated.


"I would like to thank you for the great assistance in developing
a program for me called Form Element Analyser (FEA). A lot of time and
effort on your part was put into to this program and the expertise of
programming is beyond myself due to a limitation of knowledge on
a computer. This program is a great credit to you and the amount of
variables that can be done to assist in selection of horses for the
day is brilliant. I would also like to compliment
you on a further addition which I have received called the Black Book
this gives all runners for the day marked with the Black Book up on
the screen for easy perusal, a very neat task indeed. Once again I
thank you sincerely for your assistance and help over the last 3-4
months and a few other ideas are in the fire and I will be contacting you about them."

Double T

'Morning Michal

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with me yesterday when assisting me to download your FEU program mate. It is very much appreciated Michal and I sincerely thank you for your sharing of the program and guiding me through the installation process as well as having a bit of a yarn too.

Once again many thanks Michal



Hi Michal,

I'd would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance over the past few weeks. Your openess and willingness to take on a challenge, of which I am surely one, has been greatly appreciated.

I am never ceased to be amazed by the generosity of people, who are prepared to give up their time to assist others to improve their lot. You certainly fit into this category.

Initally, my attention was drawn to the blackbook program offerred by Form Elements. As a BetSelector user, I had always wanted to be able to use the exisitng database files to search for any horses that had made it into my blackbook. Your program does this perfectly and has yet to miss a runner. Updating runners is very easy and being able to print them out is a big bonus.

Having seen what Michal could do, I approached him about another matter, that involved some complicated programming and was amazed to see it come to fruition.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michal to anyone, looking for a way to bring their ideas to reality.

Thanks again.

Regards, Gary

Hi Michal,

I have now received your product code and all is working well and the times set for NZ looks A OK as well.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply, I look forward to running and using FEU. Many thanks.

The videos are excellent and plenty of help notes to boot.




Thanks for your effort in creating the black book and CSV time programs. They work well.

Much appreciated,

Alan W

"I feel that your programme and also the attitude behind it - is very professional and can help many people."


Hi Michal,

I was having a fiddle with the software, when I got your email. The videos have made all the difference to me. I grew up reading & never thought I would see the day when a short video explains to me what words can take forever to get your head around.

The programme is working in all its glory now. the CSV time feature is a beauty, ......& is something I have noticed when analyzing my spreadsheet & thought it was right, but not quite right. What if it was done in exact race time order, & not meeting order which it appeared as to me? Same with remove duplicates feature in 1b. I also have thought, if those selections that come up multiple times are good enough to qualify for so many systems, then I wonder how they perform if isolated? Now with your software , I can do it.

Thanks again, & good punting too you,



If I thanked you a thousand times it would somehow seem inadequate.

I've run a few tests and unable to find fault.
Looking forward to tomorrow when I can give it a real workout.
The time it will save not to mention helping prevent mistakes on my part, is just incredible.

Will let you know how it goes in the final workout.



Hi Michal

Some time ago you did some programming for me and set up a rating system that I had not been able to interest any whiz in, for over 5 years.

That system I use every day and find invaluable.At the same time, I must commend your new Race Elimination program. While being a very user friendly piece of work, it is extremely useful. I commend your patience with me and your untiring work ethic.

Kindest Regards