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Form Element Utilities is a collection of programs and has been developed to be useful to everyone from the Bet Selector community.

The individual modules are briefly described below, further details, screenshots and user instructions can be found in the Help Centre on this site.

Write to me using the Contact page if you are interested in obtaining FEU.

Info Portal:

Info Portal is your gateway to information about today's fields and mostly eliminates the need to type into the Ledger, Analysis and Black book utilities.

You can view the entire day in one lot, or individual races without switching meetings.You can change and choose between the default BS rating or BR or PR ratings .

You can follow your entire racing day in jump order, send your bets to the Ledger or mark horses as a black book.

Get results with one click through the Bet Selector Race Tab Live function and you don't need to leave the Info Portal at all.

You can obtain a running report of your ratings with meeting by meeting report and an overall summary with just one click. Other reports are also possible. All this NOT just for today, select a date and you can see as far back as you have resulted form.

You can search for jockeys or trainers and all their rides today and of course for the horses as well in Alphabetical order.

There is a facility to change to your own ratings and use the Bet Selector fields for the form and results information. You can also generate Analysis lists from ratings into daily and or master file.

If you run Race Eliminator you will only see the races that you want to see.

Race Eliminator:

Race Eliminator is a collection of comprehensive filters that can be applied to Bet Selector to facilitate the removal or inclusion of races based on any combination of race criteria.

The program sets the BS race active flag for only the races you choose so that when you run your tests they are run only over the races that you have chosen.

The flags are resettable; a data range can be selected for long term tests. For Quady players, just the last 4 races can be selected. The Race parameters can be saved to a system that you can activate whenever you wish instead of selecting all parameters manually every time.

System Refinery:

Recently conducted speed tests by users of Bet Selector measured a system run for 13 month period. The run time took from 10 min. to 17 minutes, depending on users PC. This consisted of about 15,000 selections.

My time was one of the fastest at 10 min. To re-run that system, it will take me another 10 min. in Bet Selector if I want to evaluate a rule change.

Using System Refinery I can re-run that system in 8.9 seconds. YES. 8.9 seconds , not minutes, seconds!

I can test most Bet Selector rules to see their impact on my system in less the 10 seconds. Any rule, any number of rules.

This program is designed to speed up your system development .

You will be able to load any test, and the program will set up your rules as well .You can even import multi-system tests.

Once a system is run the Strike rate and other statistics are displayed for you . You can even 'Note' the system results and rules so that you can remember a particular successful system rules before you change them and forget them.

The program has the ability to create have the results of your new system analysed in Bet Selector and run through the BS staker just like any system.

Single Selection +:

Single selection eliminates all races from your Bet Selector system test output CSV that have more than the maximum selections per race that you set in the program!

This can be done daily as your betting routine or during testing phase of the system or a group of systems.

As an added benefit this utility has been expanded to enable multiple system testers and users get ABSOLUTE
per race win and place strike rate irrespective of how many selections are in each race from however many systems.

Most users are unaware that BS adds the results of systems together as individual bets which results in a strike rate that is accumulative.

Allows also to compress (eliminate) duplicate selections.

The results are displayed in a text output similar to BS and a special file can be generated that allows the user to run the amended system result through BS system analyser to see changes in results, without altering the original system CSV! This way you can retest with other settings without re-running the test.


This utility will comprehensively analyse any list of selections.

Know the strengths or weaknesses of your bets, favorite tipster, ratings (paid for or free), your consensus selections, newspaper tips, radio tips, long shots, mates tips .... what ever you follow, you can now analyse !

Any time you are about to place a bet wouldn't it be a great idea to know that this horse doesn't have a trait that has cost you thousands in wasted bets ? You won't know unless you analyse !

All that is needed is a list that contains the horses name and the date of its run on one row in a spreadsheet and you can now analyse that list. This has never been able to be done before !

The deceptively simple interface of the program will take the list and put it through the full spectrum of Bet Selector's powerful analysis function and give you the HTML output for Win /Place statistics.

Bet Ledger:

Keeping your bets is a basic and very important part of punting. Without records of your performance you set yourself up for a failure.

BetsLedger allows you to keep simple records of your bets. Really all you need is a date and horses name. Track and Race No and TAB no are optional. Then just your bets size and dividend obtained, is enough to keep track of your betting activity.

Up to 6 'systems' or methods can be followed separately. Main bets, longshots, speck bets ... what ever you have . The results and performance can be seen at a glance, as can the total bank balance and so on.

The bets can also be imported from Bet Selector directly without typing a letter. Your being can also be exported into an Analysis list and analysed using the Analysis Utility and Bet Selector. Again know exactly what you are putting your hard earned on.

CSV Times +:

CSV Times allows you to select any BS system CSV output file and adjust the race times, races will also then be sorted in run order!

This can be also done on a multiday system run, in which case the sort will be done on a day and then race time basis so you'll be able to see the progression of bets.

Unlike using Excel to do this the altered file will still function in BS system analyser should you wish to analyse.

Black Book:

The old fashioned keeper of the 'Good Thing' that you might like to follow creates its own database that allows you to enter your horse, make a comment with automatic date stamp for the entry.

Useful for anyone that follows long range tips from any service such as PPM ....

Never miss your horse AGAIN!

As a side order for those that use PPFA Black Book and keep it up to date you have the ability to check which horses are flagged in todays races and where they are running.

Outputs a simple formatted text file which is opened in Notepad.