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Setting up and Installation.

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Personal information and support:

Before Installation




Any details that are collected about you are for identification purposes only and are held in strict confidence

I recommend Best Form data and my programs have been tested on WinXP (not media edition) , Vista , Win 7, 8 (32bit and 64bit).
The programs may run fine with other form providers, however I reserve the right to decline support for additional form providers (some may be added later).

Before Installation:

To overcome installation problems, it is advisable that you perform the dot net framework check PRIOR installation of my program.

1. Dot Net Framework check:

(DO NOT overwrite, or repair or uninstall any .NET versions UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES).

Before downloading and installing the .NET Framework (Link bellow), check your current version of .NET framework.

Win 8 users can skip this step as .Net 4 is pre installed on all Win 8 versions.

To do this look in C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework (or equivalent on your computer) and you will see directories that indicate the current version of the framework you have. If you have a directory that starts with 'v4' or higher then you don't need to download .NET framework. If you are unsure how to do this please contact me first.

If, when you run .NET you are prompted to repair or uninstall please cancel, as you already have the file installed.

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 Standalone Instal (x86_x64) (32+64bit Win XP,Vista, Win7)

2. Date Format:

Before The program is designd to run on Australian date format of DD/MM/YYYY. Please got to Control Panel and check your Region and Language settings are for Australian English and that your Short Date format is as above.


Vista users please run the Setup program file you download as administrator, by right clicking the file and choosing run as administrator.

The Installation file is a EXE file most likely downloaded from my web site.
You are looking for 'Form Elements Utilities Setup.exe'. To install the program double click on this file or select run if you do not wish to save it.

A screen will start the installation process. From there the rest of the installation is fairly standard.
Click next.
This will bring you to licence agreement. Accept.
Click Next.
Select the destination for the program, I recommend to leave this at default. Take note if your are selecting your own.
Click Next.
You are ready to install.
Click next.
Close the installation window, your program is now installed.

To start the program you will find an icon on your desktop or use the Start button and navigate to Form Elements icon.

Set Up and Registration:

The Registration process is simple and applies to all products and is identical in all applications.
Fill in ALL the personal details and press the prepare Registration E-mail button.

Send me the e-mail that will be created, the details in it will enable me to create the Product code and Product key, which I will send to you. The Product code and Product key has to then be copied or written into the appropriate boxes .

Once done, click OK and completely exit the program to complete the registration process.
Your FEU will be fully registered when you reopen it again (no need to restart the PC).

Should the e-mail not appear, please send the Registration details to the e-mail provided, manually. Your computer code and Product code are better copied and pasted to eliminate errors with zero and O.

Example of your Bet Selector and PPFA default paths are C:\Price and C:\PricePPJ respectively. You have to fill in these boxes using the format outlined. If you do not have PPFA then type in N/A. You must have Bet Selector to operate my programs.!


Updates are released to fix problems, errors and to add additional functions to FEU.
To update the program, run file afrter you download it from my web site, it will be the same Form Elements Utilities Setup.exe you used to install the program with .

The process to update is slightly unusual! CLOSE THE PROGRAM FIRST !

Double click on Setup.exe. This will initiate a procedure where you FIRST UNINSTALL the current version you have and then INSTALL the new update using the same procedure as outlined for installation.

This page will appear after you double click the setup file. This means that it is an update.

Select remove and then follow the rest of the wizard.
Click Next.
This is the confirmation step.
Click Next.
The Uninstall is now finished, close it and run the Setup.exe again to install the new version of the program.

After instalation is complete , please check that the program is OK to run on Vista and Win 7 as described bellow.

In order for the program to run correctly in Vista and Win 7 , the program must have administrator privileges.

Win7: Goto  Start Menu > Form Elements) and select 'Properties' from the menu. Navigate to 'Compatibility' tab and tick the 'Run as Administrator' tick box in 'Privilege level' area located towards the bottom of the 'Compatibility' tab. Apply, OK and close. From now on this program will always run as administrator.

 You can also create your own desktop icon. Simplest way to do this is to navigate to Start > Form Elements  and right click the FEU icon, then go to 'Send to' menu item and click on 'Desktop(create shortcut)'  onto your desktop. Now you will have a desktop icon as well.

VISTA : On your Keyboard press and hold  the 'Windows key' and then press 'R' key. A 'Run' box will open up. Type in C: and press OK. This will open C drive in My Computer. find and double click folder called  'Program Files', then find and double click folder ' Form Elements' then find and double click folder 'FEU'. Here find a file called Form Elements Utilities.exe (Application type) and right click it. Select properties. Goto Compatibility Tab and  tab and tick the 'Run as Administrator' tick box in 'Privilege level' area located towards the bottom of the 'Compatibility' tab.  Apply, OK and close.

You can also create your own desktop icon while here. Right click the application again and select 'Send To' , then click on 'Desktop(create shortcut)' . Now you will have a desktop icon as well.