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Installation and Registration

Each module has its own FAQ, if an answer pertains to more then one module it will be placed where its most relevant. If you have a question that you would like to have answered and believe that others may benefit from the question then please let me know and I will put it here.

Installation and Registration:

Q. 0-1 The program won't work, its says that I need 'Dot net framework 4' to run this program.

You will need to revisit the Installation Page and review installation step 1: Dot Net Framework . FEU does need to run on a computer with Microsoft dot.net 4 framework to take advantage of the latest programing advances.

Q. 0-2 I have an error - "Access to the path 'your installation path\Maintanance.txt' is denied."

You will get this error when trying to close the Setup and registration page if you are not running the program with administrator privileges in Vista and Win 7 ONLY. Please look at the top part of the setup and registration window, you will see a button called 'Find FEU' and next to it instruction how to set the admin privileges up.