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About Me.

I have been a Bet Selector user since 1999 and participate in BS , PPFA and other forums under the name of 'Michal', I now have my own speed rating program and have written several other programs that I use in my betting.

Like most people I started with systems betting, I then devoted my energy to actual form analysis which has given me a greater understanding of punting, however I still feel that I could learn more.

I started to play around with some computer programming and soon discovered that I could create programs that work with Bet Selector. I then created my own program that generates speed ratings and applies other various form study adjustments.

I also started helping a few punters by programming their methods and ideas into a working solution, which was only ever meant to be a one time thing. When more asked for help I begun to realize that there is a possible avenue here to help others and expand my own knowledge at the same time.

I needed to create a name to identify my work and 'Form Elements' was born, and now I offer assistance to people that want to 'Roll their own'.

Like many punters I used to spend hours each week doing mindless calculations to arrive at my selections but had no means of getting it automated. Now, this is where I may be able to help others! My gain comes from learning new ideas and figuring out what successful methods have in common.

Here comes the fine print! There are two conditions, you must have Bet Selector or other software where a form database can be accessed by external program and a clear picture of your method and its results so that I can follow them.

To create a working program can take hundreds of hours, and I'm sure that you can understand that I'm trying to protect my time. I am not a professional programmer, so my programming times are slower, however I do understand the racing game, which is something most professional programmers don't. To me this is a great hobby.

Have you a method that I can help you with? Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.